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Solar Panel Cost Calculator
Solar PV Sizing

Calculation for Solar Sizing depending on the Residential Load

1 bed

For small Apartments
1 to 2 bedrooms

Installed capacity power output = 2kWp

Total Annual consumption electricity = 1800kWh

Annual solar generation = 1550kWh

6 solar panels required.

Area required = 22m2

3 bed

For Medium Apartment
3 bedrooms

Installed capacity power output = 3kWp

Total Annual consumption electricity = 3100kWh

Annual solar generation = 2326kWh

10 solar panels required.

Area required = 27m2

4 bed

For Large Apartments
4 bedroom

Installed capacity power output = 4kWp

Total Annual consumption electricity = 4600kWh

Annual solar generation = 3100kWh

16 solar panels required.

Area required = 35m2

Solar Panel Costing: Your Solar Power Partner in the UK

Solar energy is a global clean energy source that is getting popular drastically with time at any scale, either residential or commercial. Invest today in the world's fastest-growing solar sector. The Solar Panel Costing team will be happy to help you with your first solar energy project. Solar Solar PV Sizing, installation, compliance, inspection, repairing, and maintenance are all services offered by the Solar Panel Costing company in the United Kingdom for both scales: residentially and commercially.
We are a growing team of solar panel enthusiasts that appreciate your enthusiasm for sustainable energy and want to make your idea of getting solar flexible. In more than 20 annum journeys, we have provided residential and commercial customers with high-quality installation and maintenance services at reasonable prices.
As a solar company with over 20 years of experience, we understand that when our customers decide to go solar, they need as much information and genuine support about their solar projects. That's why we offer our new customers an online quote and free consultation.

Solar Panel Costing is the certified and years of experience solar panel installers, energy audits and services provider in the UK towns. We help you cut your household Carbon Footprints with a mission of providing green and clean energy with the beneficial solution of an Eco-friendly environment by contributing our part in achieving zero-carbon targets in the UK. We use the latest research and government national building codes and safety measures to ensure that our installations are according to the rigid government compliance rules, flexible, and cost-effective. With Solar Panel Costing, you can make a big difference to your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Getting Green and becoming more energy effective by installing solar panels and with an idea that the UK rooftops with solar panels are a great approach and worth it. The standard household systems range from 1 kW to 6 kW in power capacity. Approximately 978 kWh of power annually, a standard 1 kWp installed capacity for a small residential PV system is needed with solar irradiance of 1200 kWh/m2 per year. And 4 kWp installed capacity, 3.9 MWh per year with the same solar irradiance per square meter, is required. However, the UK, especially Southern England, has the capability of meeting this nominal figure. Henceforth, switching to solar is a wise and worthwhile investment in the UK.

Our Services

We Are Pioneers In The World Of Renewable Energy

solar testing and inspection

Solar Testing and Inspection

we are providing solar and inspection by our Certified engineer accordingly safety standards United Kingdom.

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solar installation

Solar Installation

We are dealing in residential and commercial projects. We deal in On-Grid, off- Grid and hybrid system. We are providing best solutions accordingly the Load demand.
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solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar cleaning is important factor to improve production efficiency. We need to clean solar panels every 3 months

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solar inverter faults

Solar Inverter Faults

We are providing best solar certified engineers which fix the problem related to inverter faults.

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reduce electric bill by electricity audit

Reduces electric bill by electricity audit

If you are receiving high electric cost so you need to changes your appliances, after changes the appliances you will get lower bill as compared before.

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solar system & battery maintainance

Solar System Repair & Battery maintenance

Solar system repair & Battery maintenance is vital factor in solar system we are providing to check battery performance.

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Why Solar Energy!

Increasingly the electricity demand is a crucial problem for United Kingdom and UK wants to meet the load demand, discovering many theories and techniques for meeting the load demand. In the past, European countries have depended on fossil fuels such as gas, coal, and other fossil fuels. However, fossil fuels will be diminished one-day, and it is unsafe for the environment. Moreover, United Kingdom needs low-cost and clean energy because fossil fuels emit carbon emissions, which is polluting the environment. In current conditions, the atmosphere has been becoming contaminated in United Kingdom. The greenhouse effect gradually increases due to the rising level of carbon emissions. Solar and wind energies are cost-effective, efficient, reliable, and environment friendly.

Photovoltaic Electricity Potential in United Kingdom

Firstly, you need to understand the Photovoltaic Electricity Potential so that’s means if your area has 1000 Watt/m2 then your area is eligible for solar installation so this is basic identification to customer. But there is existing another parameter as well. you have to do one thing before your solar installation. You have to check Watt/m2 in your area.

How do Solar Energy work

Solar power is converting from Light energy to Electrical energy. Solar panels convert Sun energy into DC (Direct Current) electrical energy and inverter converts DC (Direct Current) to AC (alternative current). AC Electricity goes into your distribution box and feed electricity to all the home that is called PV solar system.

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