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Solar Panel Costing!

Cut Your Energy Bill: Best 10 Ways To Reduce Electric Bills

If you want to cut your energy bill and save the climate, it may be time to turn to solar power energy. With advancements in various initiatives and rigid renewable energy incentives by the government worldwide, solar power may even help you save money on your utility bill while saving the environment by lowering carbon footprints and cutting water footprints. Here are the top 10 best ways to help you to reduce electric bills by an electricity audit.

cut your energy bill

Top 10 best ways to help you to lower electric bills

Renewable energy tax incentives in the UK

- Boiler Upgrade Scheme
- Check Your Compliance
- Solar water heaters
- Consider Geothermal Heat Pumps
- Unused Appliances Should Be Turned Off and unplugged from the main switch
- Deploy Thermostat
- Insulate your Water Heating system
- Choose the best fitted solar panel and mount it in the perfect place
- Change the old lights and old appliances

Renewable energy tax incentives in the UK

Check with your solar installer to see what’s available in your area. Look for government incentives. Like in the UK, VAT reduction provides up to zero percent capital upfront cost to the homeowners who are getting solar. And SEG Buyers pay for green power produced and imported onto the national grid station. However, the energy companies purchase excess energy. It is computed, however, using smart energy meters. It keeps track of when you export and receive electricity from the grid. However, Solar Panel Costing assists you in providing all information about the consultation, installation, repair and maintenance services in the UK. Moreover, you can check the Solar Panel Cost Calculator cost per your property size.

renewable energy tax incentives in the UK


The BUS (Boiler Upgrade Scheme) encourages heating systems to reduce carbon in building heating. The authority approves funding to installers in the UK for heat pumps and biomass boilers installed in houses and commercial buildings. However, you can take assistance to reduce electric bills by an electricity audit.


Check Your Compliance

While working on your solar power system project, your installer must observe all safety regulations as well as national building codes. Request the Compliance Certificate from your specialists if the installation is compromised. Failure to comply might result in both negative consequences and significant fines.

check your compliance

Solar-Water heater

About 80 percent of your energy bills, you can recoup on solar water heaters. It is highly suggested for cutting carbon emission. An electricity audit evaluates your energy use to increase efficiency. It's the most effective strategy to reduce electric bills by an electricity audit. However, Solar Panel Costing provides the best energy audits in UK towns.

Solar water heater

Consider Geothermal Heat Pumps

It is efficient to use geothermal heat pumps to maintain your home temperature in summer and winters, and they may also assist you in cutting approximately 70% of your energy cost. Furthermore, you can recoup up to 50% on your cooling expenses. Geothermal heat pumps consume less energy than conventional systems, which reduces carbon footprints by up to 85 per cent.

Geothermal heat pumps

Unused Appliances Should Be Turned Off and unplugged from the main switch

One of the most effective strategies to reduce energy costs is to turn off appliances that are not in use. Don’t keep electronic devices on if they are not in use. When not charging, unplug them from the outlet. However, Solar Panel Costing has certified and the best electricity audits in the UK towns that make effective strategies to reduce electric bills for you.

unused appliances should be turned off

Deploy Thermostat

A thermostat is an effective way to save energy cost on your bill and a great way to cut your carbon footprint. You now have control over your Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling system while setting the home temperature using a Smart Thermostat. An electrical audit might help you in lowering money on your energy cost. The energy audit identifies the house cooling and heating system. However, it is a great step to reduce electric bills by an electricity audit.

deploy thermostat

Insulate Water Heating system

Insulating your heater is a good initiative as this will aid keep the heat in, further reducing your energy costs. Air leaks are a crucial cause of imbalance in your house in the winter and summer. A home energy audit can identify air leaks that could benefit from insulation. One way to cut your energy bill is to lower the temperature of your water heater. You can quickly turn the knob on your water heater to a lower setting.

Insulate water heating

Choose the best fitted solar panel and mount it in a perfect place

Mount your PV arrays on the rooftop. The more it is in sun exposure, the more PVOUT (kWh/kWp) it will yield. However, you can reduce electricity bills by an electric audit. Regularly maintain your solar panels to get more from them. Consider leasing solar panels instead of buying them outright. This can lower your upfront costs and make it easier to finance your system. Compare multiple solar panel installation quotes. Moreover, you can use the Solar Panel Cost Calculator to calculate your property size cost.

best fitted solar panel

Change the old lights and old appliances

Purchase appliances that comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines. Moreover, Solar-powered lighting and lamps can significantly cut your electricity bill. Furthermore, switching to solar-powered lights or lamps cuts your energy cost while lowering your household's carbon emissions and carbon footprint.

Change the old lights and old appliances


Getting Solar is an excellent way to cut your energy bill. However, you can sell the surplus energy your panel produces. Subsequently, you can earn money from the investment. The UK government offers tax credits to those who install solar systems. If you're considering getting a solar system, you can reduce the electric bill by an electricity audit. You can get a good consultation on how much money this will save by partnering with a nearby solar panel services provider.

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