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Solar Panel Costing


Solar Panel Costing!

How many types of Solar System there are and which one is the best for UK?

With the changing climatic conditions and the increase in global warming and pollution all over the world many countries are moving toward implementing the methods of renewable and clean energy sources. We get solar energy by the conversion of energies of photons in solar radiations into electrical energy. There are two ways in which electromagnetic radiation from the Sun can be converted into electrical energy: either by solar radiation concentrating mirrors or photovoltaic (PV) panels.

types of solar system

Some Famous examples of Solar Power system

Rajasthan, India boasts the biggest solar power system, where the plant covers an area of about 10,000 acres with a capacity to generate power up to 2,245 megawatts.
The second-largest one is situated in the USA near Rosamond, California. The place is known as Solar Park having an Installation capacity of 314 MW and 265 MW.

Solar technology

The basic types of solar technology are:

Concentrating solar power (CSP): It uses Sun’s thermal energy to run electric turbines.

Solar Photovoltaic technology (PV): The PV effect directly converts sunlight into electricity.

Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC): This technology is used for both air and water heating and also for cooling purposes.

The basic types of Solar Systems

Solar power systems are divided into three categories:

1- On-grid solar
2- Off-grid solar
3- Hybrid solar

Now let us have a look at how these systems are different from each other.

On-grid Solar

This is considered a widely used system that has a direct connection with the utility grid. This system does not require a huge battery installation. In an on-grid system, the utility stores energy for use when the system is not producing enough energy or is facing a failure in function.

Off-grid system

These systems have no connections with the utility grid. Thus, the off-grid systems require large battery storage along with inverters to meet all power needs. This makes it a costly system that is suitable for remote areas such as communication towers, mining areas, army camps, farming areas, etc.

Hybrid Solar system

The hybrid solar system works as a grid-tied system along with a special inverter and battery storage system. The hybrid system benefits us in a way that we will never have to face a power outage as the excess energy stored in the battery is used during blackouts.

on grid solar      off grid solar

Necessary parts of a Solar Power System

The following are the main components found in a typical solar energy system:

- Solar Panels
- Solar Inverter
- Batteries
- Electricity Switchboard

The best Solar system in the UK

To deal with the energy crisis and environmental effects the UK has already taken steps to go solar to make the environment clean from carbon and other toxins released by the usage of fossil fuels and to meet its energy needs.
In a country like the United Kingdom, many people have a perception of its grey and cloudy climate. There is enough sunlight in the United Kingdom all over the year for solar power systems to perform efficiently. The trend of using solar power systems to meet heat and energy requirements in the UK is increasing.
If you are living in the UK and planning to go solar then you need to consider several factors to find the best solar system for your energy needs. A number of these factors are:

- Type of the solar system
- Type of the PV Panels
- Your energy requirements
- Your home location
- Price and budget
- The climate of your location and others.

You should consider these factors while choosing the right solar system. If you need help with solar power systems, then feel free to contact solar panel costing. In the UK mostly the off-grid system is being used by the property owners as it brings them direct benefits. Some popular PV panels used in the UK are: Project Solar Evolution Ultramax: The warranty period lasts for 30 years with an output of 345 W. Your location and the size of the roof determine the price of this system.

Panasonic HIT N 245W: It is good for small roofs. The warranty period lasts for 25 years with a price ranging from £250-to 295.

SunPower Maxeon 3: It is very efficient and fulfills both commercial as well as residential needs. The warranty period lasts for 25 years with a maximum power output of 400W. The price is variable depending on your requirement. Going solar and opting for the best solar system is not difficult all you need is to look for it. Solar power will be the new future. People are also trying innovations in this clean and renewable energy source.