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Solar System Repair & Battery Maintenance

Solar system repair & Battery maintenance is a vital factor in the solar system. Solar Panel Costing is providing professional battery maintenance and solutions to check battery performance. In the solar system, all equipment that requires over current and leakage current protection is under periodic maintenance. Solar PV systems comprise two types of battery—Lead-acid and Alkaline battery.

Lead-acid is used in general in PV systems. Where there is a possibility of Islanding (mostly in grid-connected systems), Sealed lead-acid batteries fulfill the need there.

Flooded lead-acid requires periodic liquid vent. This type of battery requires a properly distilled water refill almost every month, to refill the water that was wasted during the charging process.

For grid-connected systems, there is a need for maintenance-free batteries with a full state of charge, for this purpose, a sealed absorbent glass mat (AGM) is desired. Other available batteries are of sealed Gel-cell, but not preferred, as an overflow of charge will ultimately ruin the battery.

Moreover, Alkaline batteries are common in areas where weather conditions are extremely low, designed for certain industrial and commercial purposes. The alkaline battery, however, requires low maintenance, because it can tackle the full discharge or over-charge conditions under extremely low temperatures.

And solar panel costing provides its professional expert services in maintaining all types of battery maintenance.