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Solar Testing and Inspection

We are providing solar and inspection by our Certified engineer according to safety standards in the United Kingdom. Solar Panel Costing have a professional experienced team that have years of expertises in Solar testing and inspection whether it’s visual testing or flash testing, or it’s field inspection. Our Solar Panel Costing expert teams will help you in making the best option before installing solar panels. Bringing solar panels is an investment for about 25 years. Generally quality and high graded solar panel warranty is about 25 years. So, before investing, it is necessary to double check that either the solar panel is providing its maximum output or it is stable against different stresses. The standard testing condition (STC) of a PV panel is evaluated by—flash test and visual inspection. Other solar testing are also performed like accelerated stress testing which includes, UV testing, humidity freeze testing, bypass diode thermal testing, or salt spray testing etc. A visual inspection of the solar panel is performed in the laboratory or before bringing the module to the marketplace. However, flash testing provides insight about the output accuracy of solar panels. During the testing phase, these Standard PV (SPV) metrics are examined: Fill Factor, maximum power point, short circuit current, current at maximum power point, open circuit voltage, voltage at maximum power point, and efficiency.

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