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Solar Panel Costing


Solar Panel Costing!

Why we are moving towards renewable energy

June 5 is the day that is celebrated around the world as “World Environment Day”. People from all countries get together to promise that they would protect Mother Earth and leave a better place for the coming generations. There can be many ways to stay true to our words and one of the best ways is to move towards renewable energy sources. Climate change and global warming are two very disastrous factors that if left unresolved, would contribute greatly to our destruction. A thing to rejoice about here is that the UK is already traveling fast on the journey toward renewable energy sources! The energy production by safe and clean sources like wind and sunlight has already outpaced the energy produced from coal and gas. These are glad tidings for Mother Earth as people are thinking about survival and making the move from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. But why does the UK need to move towards renewable energy and abandon the centuries-old energy sources like oil and gas? Is our survival depends upon this shift? This article will answer these questions and many more arising in the minds of people about renewable energy sources.

How do we define renewable energy?

It is defined as the energy generated from sources that remain with us and will never be drained out, for example, the solar, wind, and tidal energies.

Solar      Solar

What are the best sources of renewable energy, which we could possibly depend on?

If you have studied science, then you must know about the beauty of light: its dual nature. Einstein proved the particle nature of light, thus giving the world an insight into the use of sunlight for generating electricity. Today, solar power is considered a source of energy that produces no pollution and is renewable but it can easily generate immense power every second. Today, approximately 40-45% of the UK’s total energy is generated from renewable energy sources and luckily, this percentage is increasing.

Some important questions

Are renewable energy sources cheaper than fossil fuels?

Yes, with an increase in demand, the price of renewable energy sources is falling steeply and now, renewable energy sources are the cheapest energy sources in the UK. In comparison, gas and coal-powered systems are much more expensive and need a lot of maintenance as compared to solar and wind-powered systems.

Are solar systems easy to install?

With service providers like solar panel costing, it is not a problem anymore to install a solar system at the home, office or any other place.

Will the inexhaustible sources of energy ever get exhausted?

Currently, the Sun is generating an abundant amount of energy every second and the estimations predict that the Sun’s age is not that short, and not going to be over in our lifetimes. Tidal power is generated twice every day and winds blow continuously in some places. If the Sun is behind clouds, we could rely on some other renewable source of energy. Batteries and other backup devices can store excess energy and release it when needed.

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The best part
Perhaps the best part about inexhaustible sources of energy is that it cuts down your energy bills. You have to make the big investment only once in your whole lifetime. Once you install a solar system at your place, it needs minimum maintenance and the least repairs. But, it produces an overwhelming decrease in electricity bills and energy costs. The monthly electricity expense decreases each month as you shift more towards solar energy and in the end, it reaches its minimum limit.


It is the time that we realize what we are doing and what we should be doing. We should recognize how important renewable energy sources are and how disastrous fossil fuels are. It’s time that we shift towards clean, safe, and green sources of energy and abandon the dirty and pollution-generating energy sources.